Introducing our new case manager… Lucy Wood

Lucy Wood


 Based in:        Bracknell, Berkshire

Background:   Speech & Language Therapy

Joined RWW:  September 2017


In her previous roles, Lucy has worked with adults with acquired brain injury and long-term neurological conditions. She is experienced at assessing needs, managing budgets, setting person-centred goals and devising plans to help clients achieve them.

As a student, Lucy developed an interest in brain injury, working with Headway to undertake focus groups and research the experience of unpaid carers, in particular in the transition from hospital to home.

What made you want to be a case manager?

Case management was first introduced to me by a friend who had made the move from physiotherapy to case management some years ago. Conversations with him, my own research and relating my own work experiences to case management then heightened my interest. I could see how beneficial case management could be, and I was aware that my strongest skills are in organisation, communication and problem solving, which I felt lent themselves well to the role. I found while working as a speech and language therapist that I always wanted to push the boundaries of my role and do more for my clients, and therefore decided to take the step into case management where I would be able to pursue that.

What gives you the greatest job satisfaction?

I’m sure this is what everyone says, but knowing that I’ve done my job to the best of my ability. Being able to feel that I’ve worked hard and had a positive impact on the people I’ve worked with gives me a real sense of achievement and job satisfaction. I enjoy a challenge and feel very accomplished if I’m able to succeed and overcome any obstacles along the way.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

The obvious answer is spending time with my family, friends and cat! I’m also a real film addict and I really like crafts, particularly sewing/dressmaking as it helps me to switch my (overactive) mind off for a while and focus only on what I’m doing. I am a member of a social group for women aged 18-45 called ‘Ladies’ Circle’ and somehow ended up being their treasurer. We meet fortnightly and do lots of interesting activities and volunteering. So far this year activities have included graffiti art, belly dancing, an aqua inflatable assault course and swinging around on a trapeze! I also have a real sweet tooth so to compensate for that I exercise a lot so I can both have my cake and eat it!

What would you choose as your specialist subject on Mastermind?

As much as I would like to pretend that it would be something incredibly intelligent, it would actually probably be something like ‘Disney characters’! If I had to pick a clever option it would probably be related to history, perhaps ‘The wives of Henry VIII’.

And finally… what’s your superpower?

I’m known for picking up song lyrics very quickly, and I’m always joking that if I retained other facts in the same way as I seem to be able to retain song lyrics, I’d be a genius! So my superpower would be being able to name and sing along to any song I hear. I’m not sure how useful that power would be, but at least it’s entertaining!

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