Introducing our new case manager… Zorica Gordon

Zorica Gordon


Based in: East Riding of  Yorkshire / London

Background:   Social Work

Joined RWW:  January 2018


Zorica joined our case management team at the beginning of the year, bringing with her 8 years’ experience as a brain injury case manager. Through her case management, social care and foster care roles, Zorica has acquired extensive experience in child protection, adult care management and rehabilitation case management.

What made you want to be a case manager?

With my social work background I developed a great desire to help disadvantaged people and those in need, but the lack of resources and autonomy working for the Local Authority greatly restricted my ability to meet those needs.

Around 9 years ago I was introduced to case management by an Occupational Therapy colleague and since then I have never looked back!

What gives you the greatest job satisfaction?

Making a real difference. There is no greater satisfaction than supporting others to achieve their goals.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

I am very fond of music, movies (especially satirical comedies) and country walks. You can’t beat the crisp fresh air and beautiful scenery of the Yorkshire Wolds. Most of my spare time, however, is spent with my family and, in particular, my grandson. He has just turned 5 and is tremendous fun. We both share a passion for skiing, although he is fast overtaking me on the slopes.

What would you choose as your specialist subject on Mastermind?

Cabbage: 101 uses for. Growing up in a Serbian family I must have one of the most extensive knowledge bases for cooking with cabbage and a developed expertise on its effect on the human condition.

And finally… what’s your superpower?

According to my daughter – mind-reading. I have an uncanny knack for being one step ahead and, unfortunately for her, she was never able to get away with anything. It also works well on 5 year olds… and occasionally the cat.

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