What is Case Management?

A case manager is very often appointed as part of a legal settlement. The case manager may come from any one of a range of backgrounds including nursing, therapy, psychology, and social work. The job of the case manager is to ensure that the client’s needs are fully identified, appropriate assessments made, targets set and met, resources found, and key people identified, persuaded, and trained.

Such a person should be able to find their way through health care and social service systems and should be able to tap into educational and other community resources.

How do you know you need a Case Manager?

Are you:

  • Someone who has had a traumatic injury, or a relative?
  • A solicitor, insurer or financial deputy?
  • A therapist, psychologist or social worker?

If you are someone who has had a traumatic injury, or are their relative, you may need a case manager to bring everything together and make it happen.

If you are a solicitor, insurer or deputy working with someone who has had a traumatic injury, you may need a case manager to assess their needs, refer to appropriate statutory services and access benefits; make referrals as needed to other services and coordinate and quality assure all service inputs.

If you are a therapist, psychologist, or social worker who is not part of a coordinated brain injury team, a case manager can help you to make sure that your patient or client has the best quality social, educational, vocational and clinical services as part of an integrated, coordinated treatment plan, designed to meet your patient or client’s individual needs.

In summary the case manager will help the individual and their family get quicker access to more appropriate services, for a better outcome.

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