Rehab Without Walls has, from its very beginning, provided expert reports for the Court for both Claimants and Defendants in Civil Litigation. The Directors of Rehab Without Walls, Dr Neil Brooks and Ms Cathy Johnson, had many years’ experience providing expert reports prior to the establishment of Rehab Without Walls.

Our area of expertise is in the consequences of brain injury, as a result of trauma or medical negligence, and the consequences of catastrophic injury, including spinal injury.

We currently prepare expert reports in the following areas:

  • Neuropsychology and Assessments of Capacity (including completion of COP3)
  • Care and Case Management
  • Rehabilitation Needs

Our team of experts, led by Neil Brooks and Cathy Johnson, produce around 75 reports per year for neuropsychology, and an annual average of 40 for care and case management.

Care and rehabilitation reports are prepared, following a visit to the client in his/her own home or in the hospital or clinic, where they are based.

Neuropsychology and clinical psychology reports can be prepared following an examination of the client in their own home, or in our offices in Milton Keynes.

Please contact us for more information about our team of experts.


Dr Neil Brooks Dr Neil Brooks is a consultant neuropsychologist. Neil has extensive academic, clinical, managerial and research experience in brain injury, posttraumatic stress disorder, and chronic pain, and is renowned across the world for his expertise.
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Dr D N Brooks


Cathy Johnson Ms Cathy Johnson is a brain injury case manager, who moved from working as a social worker, to developing residential and day care rehabilitation services for people with brain injury. Cathy has many years of clinical, managerial, and community experience in brain injury, spinal injury, mental health, and terminal illness.
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Ms Catherine Johnson



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