Our self care tips for Mental Health Awareness week

We've drafted in some help to illustrate our top tips for looking after your mental health.

When we dedicated a team training day in February to Mental Health, we had no idea the challenges that lay just around the corner for all of us.

The current situation has naturally left a lot of people feeling very stressed, anxious and low. Even those who are not generally troubled by mental health problems might be finding themselves struggling at one point or another.

For that reason, this Mental Health Awareness Week, the RWW team are taking time to go back to basics and remember some of the simple things we can do to look after ourselves and boost our mood.

Tip 1: Getting plenty of sleep

Sleep and mental health go hand in hand – each frequently impacting the other. Practising good sleep hygiene is a good way to help us get a restful night’s sleep, giving us a chance to recharge, both physically and mentally, and having a positive impact on our mood.

Tip 2: Connecting with others

In whatever way works best for you… Whether it’s with others in your home, distanced 1:1 meet ups with friends and family, picking up the phone, having a video chat, or by email, carrier pigeon, smoke signal…. it all helps!

Tip 3: Getting fresh air and exercise

The lure of Netflix is strong, but being outside (if possible) and exercising gives us an endorphin boost, some vitamin D and a welcome change of scene!

Tip 4: Eating well

Easy for us to say as we work our way through Mary Berry’s entire back catalogue, but we know that proper nutrition, regular meals and limiting sugary food & alcohol helps stablilise our blood sugar, gives us more energy, aids concentration and improves our mood!

Tip 5: Being kind to ourselves

Whether it’s a bit of pampering, relaxing with a cuppa and a good book or adding some tulips to your weekly shop, do something nice for yourself – because you deserve it!