What is case management?

In simple terms, the job of the case manager is to ensure that the client’s needs and goals are fully identified, propose an appropriate plan to meet them, and coordinate services required to deliver on the agreed plan.

What can you expect from a Rehab Without Walls case manager?

The case manager makes sure that appropriate assessments are made, targets set and met, resources found, and key people identified, persuaded, and trained, all whilst ensuring that the client and their family are kept fully involved and that the client is empowered to make their own decisions wherever possible.

At Rehab Without Walls, we believe that it takes a special kind of person to be a good case manager. They may come from any one of a range of backgrounds including nursing, therapy, psychology, and social work, but should be skilled at working with clients in their own homes with complex, varied and often challenging needs. They must be flexible and able to adapt quickly to changing situations, calm in a crisis, sensitive to family needs and dynamics and a determined advocate for their client.

Working together

The case manager must work alongside solicitors and financial deputies, supporting the litigation process and managing budgets. They should have a good understanding of the health and social care systems, and be able to access appropriate benefits and statutory provisions. They should also be able to tap into a wide network of services, therapies and community resources.

Coordinating rehabilitation

The case manager must be able to manage all the moving parts of the rehabilitation process, introducing the right therapists and services at the right time, coordinating and quality assuring services provided and maintaining effective working relationships with all the parties involved.

Done right, case management delivers real value for money, managing the rehabilitation journey effectively and efficiently, to help clients reach their full potential and optimum quality of life.

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The Rehab Without Walls case managers that I work with are very experienced and keen to integrate ideas from across the multi-disciplinary team for the benefit of their clients.

Therapist feedback to CQC

May 2018

It’s made such a difference to P. It’s given him a sense of purpose and increased his confidence so much. The case manager never once said we can’t do it. It’s been a revelation for all of us.

Family member feedback to CQC

May 2018

Could a case manager help you?

Rehab Without Walls’ bespoke approach to case management means that we are able to provide tailored support to people with a broad spectrum of needs and conditions in many different situations. Our team are experienced at working with adults and children who have suffered traumatic brain injury, spinal injury, cerebral palsy, complex orthopaedic injury, amputations, burns, stroke and a whole range of neurological and physical conditions.

During personal injury or medical negligence litigation

As well as helping clients through the rehabilitation process, having a case manager in place during litigation can be invaluable, both in terms of supporting the client and providing vital evidence about the client’s difficulties and current and future needs.

Settled cases

Following settlement of a litigation case, a case manager can help to ensure that a client’s rehabilitation and support needs are met in the most efficient and cost effective way, helping clients and their financial deputies to manage a finite budget in the long term.

Private clients

Case management can be a great solution for people in later life suffering from conditions such as dementia, particularly those whose family don’t live nearby or need some help managing their needs. Case managers can help to find appropriate treatment, accommodation, care and resources and ensure that they are receiving appropriate benefits and statutory support.

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