Mental Capacity Assessments

We offer independent Mental Capacity Assessment reports in a wide range of areas

Our Mental Capacity Assessors

Rehab Without Walls provide independent assessments of Mental Capacity to make decisions in a range of areas, such as making a will, managing finances, relationships, fertility issues and cosmetic surgery, among others.

Drawing on their extensive working knowledge of the Mental Capacity Act in practice and thorough, up to date training, support and supervision from our in-house neuropsychologist, Dr Neil Brooks, our team offer a rapid-response, balanced and experienced view to support decision-making.

Dr Neil Brooks - Consultant Neuropsychologist

In his role as a Consultant Neuropsychologist, Dr Brooks has been conducting CoP3 assessments of Mental Capacity since the introduction of the 2005 Mental Capacity Act and has assessed clients’ capacity to make decisions in a vast array of different areas.

As a director of Rehab Without Walls, he has lent his knowledge and experience of mental capacity to the training and development of our case management team and to building a team of Mental Capacity Assessors who combine their own current practical experience of working within the Mental Capacity Act to support vulnerable people, with the benefit of his training and oversight.

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Lynn Goodall

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Jude Goody

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How can an independent Mental Capacity assessment help?

  • Good practice - taking steps to ensure people with variable capacity are supported and empowered to make their own decisions wherever possible
  • Specific expertise in the impact of brain injury on decision making
  • No preconceptions about P - ensure the assessment is issue specific and time specific

  • A balanced and impartial view - clear judgement, with no personal or emotional interest in the outcome
  • Break deadlock between family members or other parties to enable progress to be made
  • A full, thorough and well justified written report, to evidence steps taken and conclusions reached