Code of Ethics

Rehab Without Walls’ principal asset is its employees and their commitment to provide a consistent and quality service to its clients.

In conducting its business and striving to meet its corporate aims, its employees and directors will adopt the following principles:

  • Exercise honesty and diligence in performing their duties and undertaking their responsibilities
  • Maintain high standards of integrity, morality and competence
  • Not contravene national laws and relevant regulations in the conduct of their duties
  • Not enter into any activity that may result in a conflict of interest with the Company
  • Not accept anything of value which could be described as an inducement or which could impair judgement
  • Not use the Company’s confidential information for personal gain
  • Not act in a manner that could discredit the Company
  • Promote informed consumer choice by providing accurate and balanced information about the existing services provided by the Company
  • Be loyal in matters affecting the Company
  • Case managers will also follow the BABICM & CMSUK Code of Ethics

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